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Rear Window

Product Part No. Description
84H321210-050 Rear Window, 2U Low Profile, 6-Slot, For RM215/216/217
  • For Chenbro Products of    RM21600-L    RM21706-L
  • 84H322510-002 Standard Rear Window, w/ Riser Bracket
  • For Chenbro Products of    RM22300    RM22300-L
  • 84H323210-007 Rear Window, 2U, Low Profile, 7-Slot, For RM232/234
    84H323210-008 Rear Window,2U, 3-Slot, For RM232/234
  • For Chenbro Products of    RM23500-LE    RM23508M2-LE    RM23512E2-LE    RM23512M2-LE
  • 84H323610-006 3-slot full height riser card rear window 
  • For Chenbro Products of    RM24100-L    RM24100-L2
  • 84H331510-001 REAR WINDOW, RM315, For YH8651-BAR
    84H342210-011 Rear Window, 15-SLOT, FOR RM42200/RM41100 
  • For Chenbro Products of    RM42200
  • 88H321400-001 Rear Window, 2U 3-Slot, For RM215/216/217
  • For Chenbro Products of    RM21600-L    RM21706-L
  • 88H321508-002 REAR WINDOW, 2U, Intel S5520UR
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