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Order Code
M/B Form Factor
EEB (12"X13")
Intel / AMD DP Quad
Support Backplane
6Gb/s Mini-SAS w/Expander
Drive Bay
Hot-Swap 2.5" 24

* Actual weight varies by configuration and manufacturing process.
* The specification and pictures are subject to change without notice.

Package Contain

Part Category Qty. Description
Chassis 1 27.5" chassis body w/o HDD cage
Fans 3 80mm(T38), PWM, Hot-Swap
Cables 1 USB2.0, 1000mm
1 Intrusion switch, 600mm
Bracket 1 Rear window, LP, 7-Slot
1 PSU, for C2W-5620V/5820V
HDD Cage 1 24-Bay, 2.5", w/Expander backplane
Packing 1 Single Carton, w/Chenbro logo

Optional Accessory

PSU Bracket

Product Part. No# Description
84H321210-022 BRACKET, PSU, 2U, P2G-6510P/SS-460H2U /SS-600H2U
84H321410-018 Bracket, PSU, 2U, C2W-5620V /R2W-5600P3V/ R2W-6500P
84H321510-064 BRACKET, PSU, 2U, P2G-5650V/P2H-5500V
84H321510-065 BRACKET, PSU, 2U, R2G-5600V4V


Product Part. No# Description

Fan, 40mm/T28(SANYO DENKEI), Ball Bering FAN, 3P3C, L300mm


Product Part. No# Description
32H160001-002 PSU, 600W, 2U, SS-600H2U, w/o Wire Harness
32H2062000-202 PSU, 620W, 1+1 Redundant, C2W-5620V, PMbus V1.1

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