Christian de Boisredon

Christian Alefsen de Boisredon , born onin Saint-Germain-en-Laye , is a “social entrepreneur” (Ashoka fellow) 1 , founder of Sparknews and lecturer.

Former consultant in strategy and change management at Bearing Point , he founded in 2011 Sparknews , a “social enterprise” that identifies innovative and positive projects through its video platform and shares them through its international editorial operations by federating the big media.

The Impact Journalism Day eg unites 55 leading newspapers like Le Monde , The Sunday Times , Times of India , Asahi Shimbun , Al Hayat , The China Post , Le Figaro , O Globo , etc. in fifty countries to publish supplements dedicated to solutions that change the world (read by 120 million readers 2 , 3 ).

Christian de Boisredon is also co-author of a book “Hope around the world” (Pocket ed.), Story of the first round of the world at the meeting of “social entrepreneurs”. He gives conferences on the theme of leadership, innovation, change, optimism … for companies like BNP Paribas, L’Oréal, EDF, Adeo …


The World Tour of Hope

In an interview entitled “The World Tour of Hope” that he gives on November 25, 2007 on France info, Christian de Boisredon tells how he realized at the age of 24 a world tour to meet people “Who make the world go forward ” 4 . Following this adventure, L’Espérance around the World , a book written in 2003 with his two traveling companions, Fougeroux and Rosanbo, became a best seller 5 and translated into several languages. This project was the first themed world tour of its kind and it launched the vogue of committed world tours that followed including “80 Men to Change the World” and “Passeurs d’Espoirs” ..

Reporters of Hope

While a consultant in strategy and change management at BearingPoint , he initiated and co-founded in 2003 the association Reporters d’Espoirs 6 , 7 which he will chair and lead until 2007. As an example , Christian and Patrick Busquet creator and project leader, initiated the “Libé des Solutions” at the end of 2007: this issue of Libération will be the best sale of the year and Libération will repeat the operation several times successfully 8 .

Cinema production

In 2006, Christian de Boisredon launched with his partner in the production of a fiction inspired by the story of Professor Muhammad Yunus , the father of Microcredit . Two months later, the latter receives the Nobel Peace Prize , opening the doors of Hollywood to French producers 9 . Joined them in the adventure Phyllida LLoyd, having already achieved the greatest success in the history of cinema ever made by a woman and the th largest worldwide success of 2008 ( Mamma Mia ! , $ 600 million in revenue) and Iron Lady, with Meryl Streep . David Thompson, former boss of BBC Filmsand Tessa Ross (patron of Film 4 and initiator / co-producer including Slumdog Millionaire ) also join 10 , 11 . The film was due out in 2013 but remains on stand-by for political reasons in Bangladesh.

The production company CAN DO Films also develops or co-produces other meaningful projects including “Imagine” starring Alexandra Maria Lara (The Reader). “Imagine” was released in France in 2013.


In 2011, Christian de Boisredon founded Sparknews 12 , a social enterprise whose mission is to share projects that offer innovative solutions to societal problems. Sparknews is a social enterprise with a very international vocation (Sparknews works with major media in 40 countries) organized in 3 areas: sourcing / standby, press agency and conferences / consulting 13 , 14 .

Activities of Sparknews

Video Platform

The idea is to gather on a video site all media reports from around the world (CNN, BBC, TF1, Al Jezirah, Brazil TV, YouTube, dailymotion …) that deal with solutions, initiatives, portraits of social entrepreneurs etc.

the Impact Journalism Day 15[ edit | change the code ]

For the third Impact Journalism Day (June 20, 2015), Sparknews brought together 47 leading newspapers from 4 continents to publish an 8-page supplement dedicated to solutions. The combined audience of the operation represents 120 million readers. Participating papers include: The World 16 , 17 , The Sunday Times, The Times of India, The Stampa 18 , The Evening, Asahi Shimbun, El Tiempo, The Nacion, El Heraldo, Al Hayat, Sao Paulo Folha, Excelsior, El Watan 19 , The Straits Times 20 , 21 , The Daily Nation, The Nation, City Press 22 , 23 , Politiken, The News and My Daily, Gazeta Wyborcza, The Press 24, The News International, The Sun 25 .

AXA is the big partner of the operation.

The next edition will combine TVs and radios in addition to newspapers.

Solutions & Co

Solutions & Co is a similar operation to the Impact journalism Day but with about twenty economic newspapers (Financial Times, Echoes, Handelsblatt …) and dedicated to business solutions for the climate.

Conferences [ change | change the code ]

Sparknews organizes and animates illustrated lectures including short and inspiring videos (for organizations and companies). Sparknews also has an advisory activity, particularly to inspire companies in their approach to social innovation or to build bridges between innovative projects and companies.

Sparknews is involved in international events (GEN News Summit, Convergence, Positive Economy Forum, Zermatt Summit, etc.) and with companies (BNP, EDF, AXA, Veolia, Crédit Agricole, etc.) as well as SMEs. ..)

Explanation of the choice of the name “Sparknews”: “To spark” means “to arouse” because these reports arouse the action. Spark is also “the spark”, as these reports that are the catalyst for projects “to explode” and spread around the world.


A former member of Engineers Without Borders (in Asia), Christian de Boisredon has also been a teacher and educator for young people in the suburbs 26 .

Social Impact Social Internet Games: The movie project also gave the idea of ​​a game on the internet. This game, HappyLife on Facebook , developed by HumanoGames (founded by Stéphane Buthaud), allows hundreds of thousands of players to develop a small business and discover the principles of microcredit. The second part of the game will allow players to actually lend money to micro-entrepreneurs through an interface with organizations like Babyloan or Kiva .

Christian de Boisredon often speaks in the media, or for conferences (HEC, Science-Po, Centrale Paris, University of Oxford, ESCP, OECD, Convergences 2015, Global Editors Network, preparatory classes, high schools or companies).

In 2014, he appeared in the documentary “The Hummingbird’s share” of the optimism in the media, directed by Baptiste Gapenne and William Buzy 27 .

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  • Hope around the World (with Fougeroux and Rosanbo, prefaced by Dominique Lapierre ) Renaissance Presses, 2000 and Pocket, 2004)

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