Congolese Savings and Loan Mutuals

The Congolese Savings and Credit Mutuals (MUCODEC) constitute a micro-finance network in the Republic of Congo .


MUCODEC was created in 1984 as a project of the Congolese State with the opening of the first Cooperative Rural Savings and Credit Fund (COOPEC) in Madingou. In 1987, the organization was renamed Mutuelle Congolaise d’Epargne et de Crédit (MUCODEC). Prompted by the French Cooperation, the will of the Congolese government and the International Center of Credit Mutual ( CICM  [ archive ] ) as a technical partner, the MUCODEC took the form of mutual credit institutions in 1989.

The Congolese Savings and Credit Mutuals have since 1990 been admitted to the Compensation Chamber at the Bank of Central African States (BEAC) with an account domiciliation which forms part of the convention governing credit institutions.

On December 10, 1993, a Federation of MUCODEC was created. This is an association governed by the law of st July 1901. Meanwhile, the Central Mutual Fund ceased to be supervised by the “Development Structure” to be placed under the supervision of the Federation of MUCODEC under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance.

The MUCODEC encourage the banking of populations and more particularly the populations excluded from the traditional banking system. MUCODECs are also part of the Congolese economic landscape thanks to the domiciliation of the salaries of civil servants and pensions of pensioners.

The MUCODEC have built several local Caisses and sales outlets in the Congolese territory. Their real estate assets are managed by SCI MUCODEC, created in 2010.


The MUCODEC form a mutual network based on the principle: 1 man = 1 vote. At Annual General Meetings, close collaboration is established between the elected directors and the employees, thus contributing to the improvement of the services to the members. Thus, each member is both a co-owner and a customer of his Caisse Locale MUCODEC.

Actions are at two levels:

  • Local: 53 Local Caisses (CLM) and Points of Sale (PV)
  • National: a Federation (an organ of strategy and control, it federates all the local funds), and a Caisse Fédérale (financial organ, it plays the role of financial intermediary between the local funds and the banks).

Products and services

The MUCODEC bring the principles of savings and credit into the life of the Congolese population:

  • Savings: gives access to credit, secures funds,
  • Credits: allows you to dispose of cash, finance projects (housing, trade, agriculture, crafts, equipment),
  • Electronic banking: the BISO card, which replaces the passbook, is a bank card that allows you to do agency operations, withdrawals in ATMs, and also payments in the various shops in Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire.


Radio MUCODEC (100.3 FM) was launched in February 2010 in Brazzaville and May 2011 in Pointe-Noire . It revolves around news from MUCODEC Local Banks, testimonials and interviews of members and the presentation of MUCODEC products. The radio offers three daily antenna animations and themes: health, sport, employment, environment, culture, women and children, NICT.

To create this radio, the Federation of MUCODEC appealed to the skills of the French association Radio Without Frontier ( RadioSansFrontiè ). This association, which works in the creation of the radios and in the training of the teams, helped to the technical installation of this radio.

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