Enda inter-Arab

Enda Inter-Arab is a non-profit microcredit institution based in Tunisia .

A member of the Enda Third World family based in Senegal , Enda inter-arabe has contributed to the economic development of the country since 1995 and to the fight against poverty , by allowing the excluded populations of the formal financial system to have regular access to adapted financial services. to their needs.

Mission and Vision

This institution was created in 1990 by Essma Ben Hamida and her husband Michael Cracknell 1 .

The mission of the institution is to contribute to the improvement of the incomes and the quality of life of low-income Tunisians through a socially responsible institution, designing adapted financial systems, and in particular microcredits, as well as accompanying and training actions 1 , 2 .


Financial Products

Enda inter-arabe offers flexible, diversified products adapted to the needs of micro-entrepreneurs, thanks to a policy of proximity and listening. Ranging from 150 to 5,000 dinars, microcredit products are intended for the self-employed, vulnerable in terms of access to financial and human capital, training and supervision 2 .

Support Services

Enda inter-arabe also offers support services for micro-entrepreneurs to help its customers both in terms of business management and human development. These services are distributed in both rural and urban areas. Services include financial education, various training, diagnosis and individual counseling, awareness circles, marketing support, etc. 2 .


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