Enhanced loan

An enhanced loan is a loan supplement to conventional loans, subject to special conditions.

Pension Fund Loan

In France , pension funds of executives essentially can grant a loan that strangely resembles the operation of the employer loan.

Public servant

In France, for civil servants , a subsidized loan can be awarded. Its rate is 4% for the first three years and 7% thereafter. It is granted for a period of 10 to 15 years.

EDF loan, GDF

As part of a financing of natural gas equipment, GDF offers in France a loan of € 4,000 to € 6,000, with monthly payments ranging from € 60 to € 75. It is possible when buying or building a detached house located in an area served by GDF. The approach is the same with EDF, which also offers loans for the installation or renovation of your electric heating system . These loans are subject to certain conditions of acceptance.

Local Loan

Each department or region can vote at the beginning of the year on a budget line to help access to housing and thus grant a loan or direct assistance.

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