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Entrepreneurs du Monde supports the economic integration of families in precarious situations and facilitates access to essential goods and services. Thus, these families gain autonomy and improve their living conditions. To achieve its mission, Entrepreneurs du Monde promotes the emergence of sustainable local organizations 1 , 2 .

In 2016, Entrepreneurs du Monde supported 143,000 beneficiaries in 11 countries with 20 local programs.


Entrepreneurs du Monde was created in June 1998 by its current director, Franck Renaudin 3 , 4 . The association begins by supporting Inter Aid’s microfinance programs in the Philippines 5 , 6 and India . It then resumes monitoring programs Microfinance for Development Initiative in Benin 7 , in Ghana 8 and Haiti 9 . Then she enters a phase of creation of her own programs: in the Philippines (2001), India (2006), Cambodia(2006) 10 , Vietnam (2007), Mongolia (2008) and Burkina Faso (2008) 11 , Burkina Faso(2008) 11 , Togo (2012), Myanmar (2014), Senegal and Guinea (2016). It was during this period that she opened her first energy access and support programs for Very Small Business . In 2015, it merged with the Lyon association Ecidec and transferred its headquarters to Vaulx-en-Velin (69).

Partner organizations and country programs
Country Partner Organization or Program Job
 Burkina Faso YIKRI Social Microfinance
 Burkina Faso Partnership with the L’Occitane Foundation for Shea Producers Social Microfinance
 Burkina Faso Nafa Naana Access to energy
 Cambodia Chamroeun Social Microfinance
 Cambodia Pteah Baitong Access to energy
 la France France Program Support for the creation of TPE
 Ghana ID Ghana Social Microfinance
 Guinea wakili Social Microfinance
 Haiti Palmis Mikwofinans Sosyal Social Microfinance
 Haiti Dare the Company Support for the creation of TPE
 Haiti Palmis Enèji Access to energy
 India STEP Social Microfinance
 Burma Are Oo Tehtwin Social Microfinance
 philippines SEED Social Microfinance
 philippines SCPI Social Microfinance
 philippines Ateco Access to energy
 Togo Assilassimé Social Microfinance
 Togo MIVO Energy Access to energy
 Vietnam Anh Chi Em Social Microfinance
 Senegal Baamtaré Social Microfinance
 Senegal FANSOTO Social Microfinance

Structure and financing

Entrepreneurs du Monde is an association law 1901 3 , 12 non-profit. It is financed by private donations (individuals, foundations, companies) and by public subsidies, granted in particular by the French Development Agency(AFD).

Three professions: Social Microfinance, Support for the creation of VSEs and Access to Energy

Social Microfinance To encourage the entrepreneurs of the poorest people, excluded from classical microfinance, and help them to get out of extreme poverty, Entrepreneurs du Monde has deployed its own social microfinance methodology. The NGO :
• Is present in disadvantaged neighborhoods or in remote areas.
• Offers unsecured and unsecured loans and a flexible savings booklet.
• Adjust the loan amount and repayment duration for each situation.
• Provides comprehensive support to borrowers: in groups of about 25 people, they participate in socio-economic training on topics such as the management of an activity, nutrition or the prevention of malaria, cholera or malaria. domestic violence, the protection of the child, etc.
• Provides specific support for families who encounter an additional difficulty: their social worker helps them to find a solution or to seek support from a specialized partner organization.
• Continually measures the relevance of its action: assesses the evolution of the level of poverty, the satisfaction of micro-entrepreneurs, etc.

Support for the creation of VSEs / professional integration To help young people and women in outlying areas of large cities to overcome barriers to employment (financial constraints, illiteracy, distance, lack of knowledge of existing opportunities), Entrepreneurs du Monde offers a accompaniment towards the insertion in company (drafting of CV, preparation of interviews) or the creation of TPE (study walked, business plan, management).

Access to energy To facilitate the access of the most deprived to a modern, clean and economical energy Entrepreneurs du Monde:
• Selects solar kits and adapted stoves.
• Develops microfranchised distribution networks.
• Provides adapted financial services.

This action has a significant impact on:
– Families who now use improved solar kits and stoves much better for their health, their budget and the environment.
– Resellers who develop a complementary income generating activity.

Incubation and capitalization

To achieve its mission, Entrepreneurs du Monde incubates sustainable local organizations. She recruits a local team and creates with her a local law organization. Together, they set up the functioning:
– Operational: methodology, training modules, management and reporting tools, measurement of social performance.
– Financial: subsidy until the breakeven point is reached, helps in the search for financing.
– Administrative: official registration, governance, choice of the most appropriate legal structure, etc. It accompanies these teams until their structure reaches operational and financial viability, that is to say in a period of 4 to 7 years.

To go further, Entrepreneurs du Monde shares widely its tools and best practices via capitalization sheets, on its website http://www.pratiques-edm.org/  [ archive ] open to all and available in French and in English. It also organizes practical workshops every year in Africa, Asia and France for its teams and other partners.

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