Fuel card

fuel card or gas card is a means of payment , published by the networks of service stations , which provides fleet management means on behalf of businesses 1 . It allows companies to automatically track the fuel consumption of their fleet of vehicles 2 . It may also have restrictive use criteria in terms of geographical area, amounts, types of fuels or days to avoid abuse 2 , 3 . Fuel cards can be associated with a particular user or a particular vehicle 4. The fuel card is also an important management tool for car rental companies 4 .

If the fuel card can be perceived as a reduction or loyalty card , it has a cost: either by subscription or indexed to fuel consumption 4 .

Initially set up by the oil companies , such as Total in France, these cards have also been published for several years by large retailers, such as Intermarché which offers a card accepted in more than 1,400 stations in France, after that It has created and strongly developed its networks of gas stations 1 . A trend of this market is the creation of fuel cards common to several networks of service stations such as the map of Esso , Avia (company) and Shell and the map common to Avia and BP 1or the Ticket Fleet Pro card, marketed by Edenred, the inventor of the Ticket Restaurant. This card is accepted in more than 2,300 stations in France including retail stations.


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