Kafo Jiginew

Kafo Jiginew (meaning Union of lofts in Bambara ) is a mutual institution of savings and credit established in Mali in October 1987 . Its mission is to enable Malian populations with modest incomes (peasants, artisans, small traders) to have access to local financial services ( savings , credit , microinsurance and money transfer ) 1 .

It was set up with the support of the European Consortium for the Crédit Coopératif Malien (CECCM) grouping four European NGOs and the Cooperative Credit Foundation . It has received co-financing from the European Commission 1 .

Kafo Jiginew is present throughout Mali with 158 outlets including 128 in rural areas. With 1,500 elected volunteers and 522 employees in 2009, more than 257,000 members benefit from Kafo Jiginew 1 .

From its creation at the end of December 2008, the cumulative amount of loans is more than 82 billion CFA francs 1 .

Kafo Jiginew inaugurated the its headquarters in Bamako in the Hamdallaye ACI 1 district .

Visit the website http://www.kafojiginew.com/presentation/kafo-jiginew [ archive ] for more information

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