National Youth Employment Support Agency

the National Agency for Youth Employment Support ( Ansej ) is the Algerian organization responsible for managing a credit fund for the creation of businesses. She participates in the public employment service .

The public employment service in Algeria

In accordance with the texts of the International Labor Organization (ILO) 1 , a public employment service is established in Algeria by Decree No. 62-99 of 29 November 1962. It is entrusted to the Office national de la Workforce (ONAMO) 2 . The system will then be revised or supplemented by regulatory or legislative texts on several occasions, notably in 1963 (introduction of a monopoly on migratory flows), 1971 (organization of ONAMO).

In 1990, a change of name of ONAMO was decided and the National Employment Agency (ANEM) was born. Other establishments participate in the public employment service: the National Unemployment Insurance Fund (CNAC) in 1994; in 1996, support for young people wanting to start their own business is entrusted to Ansej.


Ansej is in charge of implementing a support system for business creation for people under 40 years of age. It manages a credit fund, granting loans at zero interest rate (0 rate loans), complementary to bank loans. Committees composed of representatives of banks and institutions grant the loans after examining the files of the promoters 3 .

A bank guarantee fund supplements the financing instruments. Ansej advisors provide follow-up to promoters who have obtained a loan 3 .


In 2006, Ansej had 53 branches and employed 750 agents 2 .

The headquarters is located in Algiers . The general manager is Mourad Zemali 3 .


According to Tayeb Louh, Algerian Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Security, the number of jobs created with the support of Ansej and CNAC increased from 75 936 direct jobs in 2010 to 128 357 jobs. in 2011. 61,111 were created this last year, compared to 30,106 the previous year. According to the minister, Ansej, along with 16 private employment agencies, placed 212,000 young people in the economic sector in 2011 4 .

The activity of Ansej is variously appreciated. Some believe that it is more of a tool to buy social peace than a valuable economic instrument. Thus, Hafid Aourag, Director General of Scientific Research and Technological Development at the Ministry of Higher Education, argues for a direction of public aid to innovative projects: “All loans granted by Ansej are useless, do not report nothing, they are only used for services and there is no creation of technological know-how 5 . ”

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