Oikocredit is a microcredit financial institution worldwide.


Oikocredit is a cooperative society that aims to work globally to promote global justice by encouraging individuals, churches and other institutions to share their resources through socially responsible investments. by giving, thanks to credits, a power of action to the most deprived. It commits itself in this way because it knows that those who are at the bottom of the social ladder (such as NGOs , SMEs or third world agricultural cooperatives) have great difficulty in being granted credit. “We want to put the poor on the road of independence by financial services sustainable” (Tor Gull, former CEO of Oikocredit).

Concrete examples of Oikocredit’s help:

  1. “Confianza 1 ” in Peru is a microfinance institute to which Oikocredit provides loans. Confianza in turn grants loans to small entrepreneurs.
  2. “Motor 93 2 “, a Bulgarian agricultural cooperative which, following the suppression of subsidies granted under communist regimes, was in financial difficulties, received financial support from Oikocredit.
  3. “Activists for social alternatives 3 “, an Indian NGO in Tamil Nadu supports women from poor families to find autonomy.


Creating a result of the th Conference of the World Council of Churches in Uppsala in 1968 Sweden. This is where young administrators put their finger on the financial practices of the churches. Indeed, these administrators ask difficult questions: “Why do churches invest without scruple in banks that place their money as well in industries supporting the Vietnam War or Apartheid? ? Can we not find a better way of investing? A sector that would be more in line with the social teaching of the Church? ” It was in 1975 that the SCOD (Ecumenical Cooperative Development Corporation), which became Oikocredit in 1999, was founded with the aim of offering churches and faith-based organizations an alternative investment instrument that takes into account the poor. After a difficult start, she grew up later thanks to the enthusiasm of the particular people.


A board 4 consists of 11 people from different continents directs the structure.

Encrypted data

In December 2008, Oikocredit had a share capital of 358 million euros . Investors are close to 600 churches and religious-type organizations, 30,000 individuals and local religious congregations investing through 35 support associations in 19 countries, as well as 54 development banks, organizations, foundations and 40 partner partners. projects.

In December 2008, the capital allocated reached 358 million euros.

Approximately 739 current projects worldwide, of which around 266 new projects were accepted in 2008, lead to 1500 project partners in approximately 30 years.

According to the World Bank , Oikocredit is currently the leading private financier of microfinance, financing 475 microfinance institutions in Africa (eg Senegal) 5 , Asia, Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe.

Since 1975, when the Ecumenical Council of Churches of the Ecumenical Development Co-operative Society (SCOD) became Oikocredit in 1999, Oikocredit’s shares have maintained their nominal value and generated an annual interest of 2%.


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