Personal contribution

The personal contribution is the part of availability that the borrower has and that he will use for his real estate project.


It consists of the following elements:

  • booklets
  • Savings earned on all banking contracts ( ELP , life insurance …)
  • Business Savings Plan (which the borrower can benefit on a net basis due to the reason for the withdrawal )
  • Family gifts
  • Family loans (with or without interest …)
  • added value on the resale of a previous home
  • Money available on a current account.


  • A personal contribution is prepared by constituting very early.
  • Banks lend more willingly to risk management when there is a good personal contribution since the loan effort is reduced and therefore there is a shared risk on the investment. Banks will then benefit from a rate lower than the customer with contribution.
  • It is considered that, on average, a minimum contribution of 30% considerably reduces the borrowing rate.

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