Rental loan for social purposes

The rental loan for social use (Plus) is a French loan intended for social housing organizations ( HLM ) and semi-public companies (SEM) .


The rental loan for social use makes it possible to finance:

  • the purchase of land and the construction of new housing;
  • the acquisition and improvement of old housing;
  • the transformation of various premises, with or without acquisition, into rental housing.

These constructions then enter the category of social housing through a convention with the State.


The rental loan to social use is established by Decree o 99-794 of1 . It replaces Assisted Rental Loans (PLA) and Rented Rent Assisted Loans (PLA-LM) 2 .

Its implementation must provide social housing means, including legal, to meet the social diversity of their requirements to accommodate in the same household buildings with differentiated resources and better control rents operations 3 . Operations financed by the Plus must accommodate at least 30% of tenants whose incomes are less than 60% of the ceiling of resources and 10% of tenants whose incomes are higher than 20% maximum of the ceiling. The social housing thus realized is accessible to 75% of the population 2 .


The rental loan for social use is exclusively distributed by Caisse des Dépôts . Its rate is indexed to that of Livret A, plus 0.60%. In 1999, it was 3.45% 2 . In 2012, with a Livret A 4 rate of 2.25%, the rate of the rental loan is 2.85%.

Rent ceiling

A convention is obligatorily passed between the State and the beneficiary. It sets the maximum rent, with a ceiling modulated according to the type of housing and the geographical area.

Rent ceilings Zone I bis 5 Zone I 6 Zone II 7 Zone III 8
2017 9 € 6.71 / m² € 6.31 / m² € 5.54 / m² € 5.14 / m²

Ceiling of resources

Tenants are subject to a ceiling of resources depending on the composition of the home and the geographical area. This ceiling has been set at 90% of that for the PLA. Tenants are eligible for personalized housing assistance (APL), pursuant to paragraph 3 of Article L.351-2 of the Construction and Housing Code.

Resource ceilings in 2017 9 :

Number of household members Paris and neighboring municipalities Rest of Île-de-France Other regions
1 $ 23,146 $ 23,146 $ 20,123
2 $ 34,593 $ 34,593 $ 26,872
3 $ 45,347 $ 41,583 $ 32,316
4 $ 54,141 $ 49,809 $ 39,013
5 $ 64,417 $ 58,964 $ 45,895
6 € 72,486 $ 66,353 $ 51,723
Per additional person € 8,077 € 7,393 $ 5,769

Habitability Standards

Minimum standards of habitability are defined by order of the Ministry of Housing 3 . These include general standards for building safety, sanitation, and equipment (watertightness, common parts, and pipes) and standards for the safety, suitability, and equipment of dwellings. (dimensional standards, opening and ventilation, installation of kitchen or kitchen area, installation of gas and electricity, sanitary equipment and heating) 10 .

Donors must provide, every three years, a state of social occupancy of housing 2 .

Legal basis

The texts which define the conditions of allocation of the rental loan for social use are the articles R.331-1 to R.331-28 of the code of the construction and the housing and the law of finances of the current year 3 .

Also apply decrees o 99-864 11 and 99-865 12 of and Circular 99-71 / UC / FB / DH of 2 .

Financial provisions

For new construction operations, defined in paragraph 2 of Article R.331-15 a) of the Construction and Housing Code, the subsidy rate is set at 5%, which can be increased to 6 , 5% by prefectural exemption. For acquisition-improvement operations, defined in paragraph 3 of Article R.331-15 a) of the Construction and Housing Code, the subsidy rate is 10%, which may be increased to 11.5% by prefectural exemption 3 .

The operations benefit from the rate of value-added tax (VAT) at 5.5% for the construction or the execution of the works, if they are eligible for the categories of works retained by the decree of the (work to improve, transform or develop social rental housing). They are exempt from the property tax on built properties (TFPB) for fifteen years. This exemption period is extended to 25 years for social rental housing built over the period of the 2005-2009 social cohesion plan.

Pursuant to Article R.331-1 of the Construction and Housing Code, the granting of a rental loan for social use is accompanied by a loan from the Caisse des dépôts et consignations (CDC) at a rate of 4.3%, with a maturity of 50 years 2 , with pre-financing. The amount of the loan may not exceed, after deduction of the State subsidy, the subsidy base defined in Article R.331-15 of the Construction and Housing Code and calculated in accordance with stopped 3 .


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