Tunisian Solidarity Bank

The Tunisian Solidarity Bank (BTS), created by the Presidential Decree of May 21, 1997 , is a Tunisian deposit bank governed by Law No. 67-51 of December 7, 1967 which regulates the banking profession. It actually starts operations in March 1998 1 .

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT), it aims to provide means of financing and the creation of sources of income for people who are unable to gather the necessary resources or to offer sufficient guarantees. In ten years of existence, it has been an alternative to the traditional banking system by financing some 460,000 micro-projects and micro-enterprises of young promoters, for a total amount of 970 million dinars . In addition to assistance in launching micro-projects, BTS works with associations and NGOsor under refinancing agreements; To this end, it has developed 271 microcredit associations (AMC) between 1998 and 2008 , with a funding ceiling of 4,000 dinars per project 1 . At the end of May 2008 , 69% of BTS loans were destined for micro-enterprises, 25% for its AMC network and 6% for the purchase of family computers 1 . Until 2002, the services and small trades sector accounted for no less than 77% of all projects approved by the bank 2 .

Its attractiveness is based on a low interest rate (5% or half of that of the market) and the possibility of granting a credit linked to an extension of grace periods and repayment terms. In 2008, the credit ceiling for microenterprises amounts to 100,000 dinars for higher education graduates and farmers – against 80,000 dinars previously 3 – and 20,000 dinars for other applicants 1 .

After the opening of its capital in October 1997 , the BTS capitalizes nearly 30 million Tunisian dinars, of which 62% of the shares are held by private companies and individuals. In 2008, the bank achieved a recovery rate of more than 90% for AMCs and 80% for micro-enterprises 1 .

Mohamed Kaaniche has been CEO since September 25, 2012 4 .

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