Younited Credit

Younited Credit , formerly Union Loan , is a French company specializing in consumer credit . It is the first online retail credit platform in France to have the credit institutionauthorization issued by the French Prudential Supervisory Authority .

After four years of activity in France following the public opening in 2011, the company launched in Italy in 2016 and at the same time changed its name from Union loan to Younited Credit 1 . For its 5th anniversary, the company moved to new premises located rue Drouot in the 9th arrondissement of Paris 2 . In March 2017, the company launches its activity in Spain 3 .



Founded in 2009 by Charles Egly (formerly BNP Paribas ), Geoffroy Guigou (formerly McKinsey & Poweo ) and Thomas Beylot (formerly ), Younited Credit is open to the public in December 2011 under the name of Prêt d’Union. 4 .


Since its creation in 2009, Younited Credit has raised several funds, for a total of 103 million euros 5 , from various investors including Crédit Mutuel Arkea , Eurazeo , Schibsted – Le Bon Coin , AG2R La Mondiale , Pierre Kosciuzko- Morizet , Xavier Niel , Weber Investments 6 , and more recently The Matmut Group and Bpifrance 7 .

International development and change of name

In 2016, as part of its international expansion, the company launched its activity in Italy and opened an office in Rome 8 . At the same time, the company changed its name to Younited Credit 9 .

In March 2017, the company opened offices in Barcelona and launched its activity in Spain 10 .



With its investment fund system, Younited Credit collects money from professional investors (individuals, companies, insurers, foundations, pension funds). These funds collected are then used to grant consumer loans to borrowers 11 .

The idea is to manage the relationship between lenders and borrowers to ensure the reliability of the financial relationship between these two players 12 . It is a question of going back to the origins of the traditional mutual banking model, where the savings of some were used exclusively to finance the credits of the others without transformation operation, complex and risky, between the two parts 13 .

On the borrowers’ side, Younited Credit ensures the availability of funds and manages the life of the credit by dealing for example with the collection of monthly payments. On the side of the lenders, Younited Credit takes care of the management of the debits and the monthly refunds, by taking care for example of the recovery in case of unpaid 14 .

Accreditation [ modify | change the code ]

Since 2011, Younited Credit has been approved in France as a Credit Institution and Investment Services Provider by the French Prudential Supervisory Authority (ACPR) 15 and the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) (No. 16488).


Evolution of the total amount of appropriations financed in millions of euros:

  • 2014: € 80 million in loans financed
  • 2015: 130 million euros in loans financed
  • 2016: 400 million euros of loans financed
  • 2017: 500 million euros of loans financed

In October 2016, Younited Credit exceeded the threshold of 400 million euros of loans financed 16 . Less than a year later, in April 2017, the company tops the half a billion euros of loans financed 17 .

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