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The PTZ Plus (PTZ +) is a home loan that can be contracted to finance the purchase of a first real estate property as a principal residence , whether it is an apartment, a house, a house or a house. new or old. With no application fees or interest, the PTZ Plus does not alone allow the purchase of housing and must be associated with a principal mortgage (fixed rate loan, floating rate loan, etc.).

The PTZ can also be granted for the purchase of a new home without delay under certain conditions (beneficiary of the AAH for example).

Set up as part of the reform of home ownership assistance coming into effect at the beginning of 2011, the PTZ Plus aims to be a new, simpler and more efficient system for financing a property purchase.

Conditions of award

The zero plus loan is allocated under resource conditions 1 for any first-time homebuyer 2 . This loan can only be used for partial financing of the borrower’s principal residence . In this context it can be used to finance a purchase in the new, land and construction, and the work planned in connection with the purchase.

The amount (up to  118,470 ) and the duration (up to 25 years) of the loan granted are calculated from several parameters 3 :

  • The composition of the home (the number of people destined to inhabit the property)
  • The location of the property (relative to the classification of municipalities in zones A, B1, B2 and C)
  • The age of the property
  • The energy performance diagnosis or the BBC label of the property
  • The household’s resources: the calculation is based on the reference tax revenue for year N-2


Individuals eligible for the scheme must apply to an authorized bank to set up a zero interest loan.

The files are then verified in their conformity by the SGFGAS 4 (Management Company of the Guarantee Fund of the Social Accession to the property). This organization is the relay of the state for the control and the management of the loans aided, it validates the completeness of the file and checks the exactitude of the documents provided by the borrower.

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